robocraft review: BUILD-DRIVE-FIGHT

No this is Patrick.

No this is not minecraftit’s minecraft and world of tanks combined, and it’s on steam, and it’s free!!! Build your own land/hover/fly vehicle and equip it with weapons. Make whatever you want! Tank, helicopter, hey let’s make a mario pixel art!!! Fully customizable! One of the best free to play games on steam…wait never mind this is the first free steam game I got, wow I should do this more often. Anyway this game has been out for only about a month so it’s very new. Not that much content, well tons of blocks, but not that many maps. After 3 hours I played every map and I spent half of that building. Let’s see how this turns out!

P.S.I’m no krusty krab!

P.S Remember this is free